My first animation.

You should definitely try to make this a vine or a .gif. Nice moves. 

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Icarus is flying towards an early grave.

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Baby ducks on a waterslide. You pretty much have to press play. 

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The 7 Actual Differences Between Being Single and Being in a Relationship [Click for the LAST 3]

Home is where the pants come off. Immediately.

I know the sleeping all too well. “don’t touch me. Too hot”

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It turns out I don’t need a medal to be a good guy, ‘cause if that little kid loves me, how bad can I be?

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You know what. Let me tell you a goddamn story.

I was in 8th grade. I was slowly becoming friends with a girl named Sarah (if I remember correctly). I had the hugest crush on her, and I wrote her a couple secret admirer letters before revealing myself.

She smiled and said she just wanted to be…

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